Saturday, July 7, 2012

Of stories and storytelling

I've been thinking a lot about the many story ideas I have and haven't had time to bring to fruition and that's gonna be the subject of this post. I'll ramble a bit about the ideas and show you a few character sketches from them!

I developed this for a manga one-shot competition and I just didn't end up having time...and passing my classes is more important at this point in time. But I still really liked the idea. It actually stemmed from a story idea my sister had and just never finished herself. The premise revolves around a girl who's brother commits suicide. And every day she walks home from school by the railroad tracks, near where he killed himself.

One day, close to the anniversary...she's beckoned by this light. The light feels warm and familiar, like her brother. She follows it and ends up...

here. But where could here be? She's told here is hell...and to escape at all she has to find her brother...who seems to have disappeared entirely.

And the other story, the main reason why I haven't explored because it revolves around the soul. And I can't have two stories that revolve around the soul out at the same time. That would be too cliche. For me anyway. But anyway!

Have you ever said someone didn't have a soul? What if you were right. We think everyone has a soul...but who's to say that's true? What if only some people have souls. And what if I...was out to get yours.

The story focuses around one person who has a soul (and obviously doesn't know it. Or maybe he does...) and someone who wants to steal it. Gotta love a girl with an axe taller than she is. Her hair was the main focus of her character design originally.

As you notice, or maybe it's drawn too badly to looks like a pair of figure eights, which was done intentionally, because sideways eights are the same as the infinity symbol. It's got something to do with the story. But the simplest explanation is that because the soul is infinite.

Well that's it for today, I'll spam you with more art later. (:

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